Red Banks Conservation Park

Red Banks Conservation Park features a scenic landscape of meandering rugged earth gorges, spring-fed waterholes and remnant old growth mallee trees. Palaeontologists have called this area one of the richest megafauna sites in Australia. Up until approximately 65,000 years ago, Red Banks was home to Diprotodons, a huge marsupial that weighed between one to two tonnes, often likened to a giant wombat.

Take the fascinating Landscapes of Change interpretative walking trail which pass through deep red earth gorges and permanent waterholes to learn what the landscape was like when these large marsupials were alive.


Red Banks Conservation Park is located 170km north of Adelaide and 15kms east of Burra. Access the park from Burra via the Burra-Morgan Highway and then the Eastern Road (unsealed). Access to this park is limited after wet weather which may make the tracks in the park impassable. 

Opening times

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fire information

Wood fires and solid fuel fires are prohibited throughout the year. 

Gas fires are permitted other than on days of total fire ban.

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Contact us

Phone: (+61 8) 8841 3400

In case of an emergency, dial 000. Contact the Regional Duty Officer on 0417 883 678 for urgent issues only.

Important information

This park may be closed on days of extreme fire danger.

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