Horsnell Gully and Giles Conservation Parks

Take a bushwalk through the steep gullies in the picturesque Adelaide Hills to discover the history of Horsnell Gully and Giles Conservation Parks. Both the Heysen and Yurrebilla trails wind their way through these parks, offering stunning views of the surrounding region.

Named after the state Governor's coachmen, John Horsnell, relics and reminders of the Horsnell family property still remain. Along the signposted walking trails you will find the remains of a large homestead, including the coaching sheds, stable and cowsheds. The original garden of the Horsnell property is located at the start of the walking trail, marked by elm trees, plum trees and orange trees.


Horsnell Gully and Giles Conservation Parks are located 10km east of Adelaide. Access is via Horsnell Gully Road.

Opening times

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fire information

Wood fires, solid fuel fires and gas fires are prohibited throughout the year.

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Contact us

Phone: (+61 8) 8336 0901

Important information

This park may be closed on days of extreme fire danger. 

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