Marino Conservation Park

Marino Conservation Park was once a traditional resting and fishing place of the Kaurna Aboriginal people. However by the early 20th century much of the area had been cleared and grazed.

Today the park conserves the last remaining stands of coastal heath vegetation along this part of the coast, forming a green buffer between the suburbs. Various walking trails and fire access tracks allow you to explore the park, including its open recreational areas and scenic views of the coastline.

The park features a self-guided botanical trail starting from the car park. There are also designated dog walking trails, but dogs must remain under your control on a lead at all times.


Marino Conservation Park is located 18km south of Adelaide. There are three pedestrian access points. Car parking is available on Nimboya Road at Marino.

Opening times

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fire information

Wood fires, solid fuel fires and gas fires are prohibited throughout the year.

Find out more information about fire restrictions.

Contact us

Phone: (+61 8) 8278 5477

Important information

This park may be closed on days of extreme fire danger.

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