Visiting heritage places

You can explore the State’s heritage by land or sea and learn about the history that shaped our state for what it is today. With 17 State heritage areas, 19 ships’ graveyards, plus more than 2,280 State heritage places to visit, you can follow the various interpretative trails available or go on your own guided tour.

Many of the heritage places are accessible by land, while others, including many of the shipwrecks, can only be accessed by boat or by snorkelling or diving in the surrounding waters.

All State heritage areas are open to the public except for the Arckaringa Hills State heritage area which is on a privately leased property so access is limited. Please be mindful that there is no right of public access to heritage properties within State heritage areas and you must respect the owners'/occupiers' rights to privacy at all times.

Entry to the Innamincka region requires a desert parks pass, and some other areas (such as Belair National Park) have entry fees.

Several of the ships' graveyard sites that are either permanently exposed, or uncovered at low tide, are best viewed from the water. The ships' graveyard sites along the metropolitan Adelaide coast contain vessels which have been purposely sunk to become artificial reefs and are easily accessible to divers.

Many shipwrecks are protected by legislation, prohibiting the removal of or damage to these sites. It is important to ensure that every effort is made to prevent accidental damage, such as that caused by trampling plants or animals along the shoreline, or by bumping into the structure with boats or kayaks. Deliberate damage, for example, by dislodging or removing material should be avoided.

Visit the shipwreck graveyard pages for more details on accessing the shipwrecks.

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