SA Heritage Register entries and confirmations

The following nominations, provisional entries and confirmations have been made to the South Australian Heritage Register in recent times.

Please return completed submission forms for the provisional entries listed below to:

The Register Clerk
South Australian Heritage Council
GPO Box 1047

Nominations for the SA Heritage Register

Place name
Brownhill Creek Recreation Park, Brownhill Creek (4.51mb pdf)
Building 136, Islington Railway Workshops, Kilburn (248kb pdf)
Building 140, Islington Railway Workshops, Kilburn (248kb pdf)
Gasworks Site, Brompton (1.76mb pdf)
Keswick Barracks Building 64, Keswick (2.68mb pdf)
Loveday Internment Camp Cell Block (Camp 14) (918kb pdf)
Norwood Primary School Soldiers Memorial Obelisk (3.73mb pdf)
Old Bulk Store, Islington Railway Workshops, Kilburn (248kb pdf)
Old School House, Inman Valley (1.54mb pdf)
Prince Alfred Mine (2.18mb pdf)
Stranded Shingle Beach Ridges of Upper Spencer Gulf (4.6mb pdf)
Tennyson Dunes Reserve (6.21mb pdf)
Traverser 1, Islington Railway Workshops, Kilburn (248kb pdf)
Traverser 2, Islington Railway Workshops, Kilburn (248kb pdf)

Provisional entries in the SA Heritage Register

Place name Provisional entry date Submissions Submission closing date
Adelaide Fire Station (651kb pdf) 08/10/2014 View submissions 21/01/2015
Fort Largs Barracks and Drill Hall (770kb pdf) 08/10/2014 View submissions 21/01/2015
Mount Salt Limestone Track, Mount Schank (1.46mb pdf) 08/10/2014 View submissions 21/01/2015
Normanville Wesleyan Cemetery (designated place of archaeological significance) (982kb pdf) 08/10/2014 View submissions 21/01/2015
Victoria Park Racecourse (North-East Precinct) (1.08mb pdf) 08/10/2014 Submission form (246kb doc)
View submissions
Manitoba Housing Complex, Adelaide (1.25mb pdf) 04/08/2014 View submissions 17/11/2014
Maughan Church and Mission, Adelaide (870kb pdf) 16/07/2014 View submissions 17/11/2014

Confirmation of entries in the SA Heritage Register

Place name Date confirmed
Bicentennial Conservatory, Adelaide Botanic Garden (848kb pdf) 12/12/2014
Former Brighton Town Hall, Hove (1.04mb pdf) 12/12/2014
Ajax Mine Fossil Reef, 13km southeast of Leigh Creek, Flinders Ranges (1.78mb pdf) 28/08/2014
Lobethal Woollen Mill, Lobethal (694kb pdf) 28/08/2014
Royal Adelaide Hospital (South-West Precinct), Adelaide (1.61mb pdf) 28/08/2014
Wilpena Pound Geological Landform (designated place of geological significance) (1015kb pdf) 27/06/2014
Former Torrens Lake Police Station, Victoria Drive, Adelaide (1.31mb pdf) 07/03/2014
Shelter Shed, Princess Elizabeth Children's Playground, South Terrace, Adelaide (890kb pdf) 07/03/2014
University of Adelaide Grandstand, War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide (917kb pdf) 07/03/2014