Harbour management

The Glenelg and West Beach harbours obstruct the northerly movement of sand along the Adelaide coastline. Sand accumulates on the southern side of these harbours.

In the past, to prevent erosion to the north, sand was moved from the southern side to the northern side of the harbours.

As part of Adelaide's living beaches: A strategy for 2005-2025, sand building up at these harbours is used to replenish beaches to the south. This results in more effective recycling of sand as well as reduced harbour management costs.

Similarly, erosion just to the north of these harbours is prevented by moving sand down from areas further north along the coast.

In other words, sand building up at:

  • Glenelg harbour is moved to replenish Brighton and Seacliff
  • West Beach harbour is moved to replenish Glenelg North
  • Torrens Outlet is moved to replenish the West Beach dunes.

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