Sea level rise

One of the consequences of climate change and rising global temperatures is that mean sea levels around the world are rising. At the same time parts of the Adelaide coast are also subsiding. A relative sea level rise of one to two millimetres per year has been recorded for Adelaide.

The effects of this sea level rise along the coast are gradual, though highly significant over the long term. Increases in sea level will cause greater erosion of the dunes and loss of beach width. Sea level rise will also be likely to alter the angle at which waves strike the shore, leading to changes in rates of littoral drift and, consequently, changes in the locations at which beaches build up or erode.

Extra sand needs to be added to the beaches to counter the effective loss of sand as a result of sea level rise.

The need to allow for sea level rise in coastal developments has been incorporated in the Coast Protection Board policy since 1991. 

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