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Southern Australia's marine and coastal environments are internationally recognised for their biological diversity. Most of the plants, fish and other animals in our waters are found nowhere else.

As our population grows, more people live near or visit the coast. Marine resources are in increasing demand, putting pressure on the marine environment.

The ecological diversity of our marine environment also provides for aquaculture, commercial and recreational fishing. Other activities include sea transport, mineral and petroleum exploration. This makes the marine environment an extremely important economic resource for our state.

For these reasons, we a use range of strategies and practical activities to manage and protect our coastal and marine environments. This is a high priority for DEWNR.

Two of our highest priorities are:

  1. Our system of marine parks. We are working to protect the health of whole marine ecosystems, not just particular species. Marine parks are internationally recognised as the best tool to protect marine environments whilst allowing for a range of recreational and commercial activities.
  1. Adelaide's living beaches. We manage the Adelaide coastline to maintain beaches and protect the foreshore from erosion caused by the northward movement of sand.

We are the custodians of our precious natural inheritance. We have a responsibility to manage our use of the marine environment wisely.

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