SA Heritage Register

The South Australian Heritage Register contains a description or notes with respect to places of heritage value in South Australia. It includes places and related objects of State significance and records other categories of heritage places in South Australia (including local, national and world heritage places) which are protected under legislation.

The Register is administered by the South Australia Heritage Council. The Council will provisionally enter a place that is deemed to be of State significance and based on the outcome from the public consultation will either confirm or remove the entry.

There are over 2,280 confirmed State heritage places entered in the Register. In addition, 17 State heritage areas have been designated.

The Heritage Places Act 1993 also requires that the Register includes:

  • local heritage places designated by a development plan
  • local heritage zones and policy areas designated by a development plan (ie Contributory local heritage)
  • places within the State entered in any register of places of natural or historic significance kept under the law of the Commonwealth (ie the Commonwealth Heritage List, National Heritage List and declared World Heritage Properties)
  • State heritage areas
  • heritage agreements made under the Heritage Places Act 1993.

Online databases

Entries in the South Australian Heritage Register can be found online in the State Government's South Australian Heritage Places Database and in the Commonwealth Government's Australian Heritage Database.

  • Australian Heritage Database

    The Australian Heritage Database includes details about South Australia's World Heritage Places, National Heritage Places, Commonwealth Heritage Places and overseas places of historic significance to Australia.

Obtaining hard copies of the Register

A hard copy of the Register is available for public inspection during business hours at:

State Heritage Unit
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
81-95 Waymouth Street,
Adelaide SA 5000

To examine the Register or for an extract from the Register please contact the State Heritage Unit on (08) 8124 4960 or email

Certified copies of entry in the Register

To order a certified copy of an entry in the Register please complete a request form and send to:

The Register Clerk
State Heritage Unit
GPO Box 1047
Adelaide SA 5001


Fax: (08) 8124 4980  

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