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Trans-Australia Eco-Link

Trans-Australia Eco-Link

Trans-Australia Eco-Link

The Trans-Australia Eco-Link in South Australia contributes to building landscape and socio-economic resilience through delivering on-ground, policy and planning outcomes. Priority program themes include sustainable property planning and management, and enabling diversification opportunities for landholders particularly in conservation stewardship and the carbon economy.


The dominant features of the South Australia section of this immense landscape are the vast, gently undulating gibber and gypsum plains that give the Stony Plains region its name. Unique features of the landscape include the Breakaways and stony hills, Great Artesian Basin Springs, inland lakes on the western and southern margins of the Lake Eyre Basin and extensive drainage systems.

Land use

Pastoralism – encompassing a range of land managers including NGOs, mining, family-owned, large corporate and Aboriginal communities – is the region's main activity, with sheep south of the Dog Fence and beef cattle throughout the north. Mining exploration has significantly increased over the last decade with new mining ventures, such as the mine at Prominent Hill.

Conservation activities cover around 20% of the land, with the Painted Desert, Breakaways, Great Artesian Basin Springs, Witjira and Lake Eyre National Park attracting nature-based tourism. The internationally famous Oodnadatta, Strzelecki and Birdsville Tracks provide the basis for much of the cultural tourism within the region.

Corridor Region

Trans-Australia Eco-Link

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