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River Murray-South East

River Murray © SATC

River Murray-South East NatureLink

The NatureLink travels the full 650-kilometre length of the River Murray in South Australia to the Coorong and lakes area surrounding the river mouth, before continuing along the interlinking water courses that run to the Victorian border.


The region's environment features a unique array of interrelated aquatic habitats including floodplains, wetlands and interlinking water courses that provide refuge and habitat for many significant species.

Due to extensive farming and drainage the remaining habitats on land and in water are in poor condition and have lost connectivity. Today only 6% of the region's wetlands remain, while along the Murray River only 5% of vegetation blocks are 100ha or larger.

Decline in habitat quality and increased isolation in the region is limiting the ability of species to disperse and successfully breed. Introduced plant and animal pests, changed fire regimes, damage by overgrazing and climate change are factors compounding the problem of isolation.

Land Use

Irrigated horticulture, cropping, viticulture, dairy farming, livestock production, forestry and fisheries feature across the NatureLink. Various other industries associated with the many townships are reliant on water provided primarily by the River Murray and underground aquifers. Tourism is also a key industry.

Several national parks and protected areas exist across the NatureLink as well as four of the state's Ramsar-listed wetlands.

Corridor Region


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Info Brief (147kb pdf)

River Murray SE NatureLink Plan (1.71mb pdf)

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To find out more

Melissa Herpich
South East NatureLink Coordinator
T: 08 8735 1205
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
PO Box 1046, Mount Gambier
SA 5290

Matt Humphrey
River Murray NatureLink Coordinator
T: 08 8595 2107
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
28 Vaughan Terrace, Berri
SA 5343

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