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Cape Borda to Barossa

Beachport Coast © SATC

Cape Borda to Barossa NatureLink

The Cape Borda to Barossa NatureLink stretches from Kangaroo Island and its surrounding waters across to the Fleurieu Peninsula, Mount Lofty Ranges, the greater Adelaide region and Barossa Valley, and including the central and eastern waters of Gulf St Vincent.


A diversity of landscapes and habitats: rocky marine reefs, estuarine mudflats and mangrove forests; inland swamps and rivers; plains, rolling hills and the steep gorges of the ranges. Kangaroo Island and the Mount Lofty Ranges have many plant and animal species found nowhere else. Both regions support a number of threatened plants, animals and vegetation associations.

Land Use

Primary production, conservation, recreation, industry and urban townships feature across the NatureLink. Natural ecosystems underpin agricultural, horticultural, fishing and nature-based tourism industries. The marine environment experiences high levels of human activity.

The Mount Lofty Ranges retain only 13% of pre-European vegetation. Kangaroo Island retains 47%, although the eastern third of the island retains less than 15%. On Kangaroo Island 60% of remnant vegetation is within protected areas, but only 40% across the Mount Lofty Ranges.

With the loss or alteration of much of the connectivity between habitats (marine and terrestrial), species have become extinct and ecosystem processes disrupted. For example, 17 bird species are extinct and up to 30% of remaining bird species are declining in the Mount Lofty Ranges.

Corridor Region

Cape Borda to Barossa

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Info Brief (135kb pdf)

CB2B NatureLink Plan (2.29mb pdf)

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Sue Graham
Cape Borda to Barossa NatureLink Coordinator
T: 08 8336 0906
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
115 Maryvale Rd, Athelstone
SA 5076

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