2017 South Australian Recreational Fishing Grants Programme

Applications are now open

Community grants for up to $100,000 (GST exclusive) are being offered by the State Government to help boost recreational fishing in South Australia.

Applications are sought from councils, fishing clubs, businesses and other incorporated bodies. It is expected that successful projects will be announced by mid-2017.

Applications close at midnight Monday, 20 March 2017. Late applications will not be accepted. 

Grant categories

The South Australian Recreational Fishing Grants will invest in projects that could include, but are not limited to:

Category 1 (up to $100,000)

Strategic Infrastructure projects – that increase access to fishing locations and create new fishing opportunities. May include, capping breakwalls, fishing platforms, stairways, boardwalks, roads and carparks.

Habitat – Resnagging (including placing ‘fish hotels’) in degraded rivers and lakes, rehabilitating streams by removing noxious weeds and riparian planting/restoration, other stream improvement works. Local artificial reefs or shellfish restorations.

Stocking – Stocking of publicly accessible dams, lakes and streams including the River Murray and coastal environments. Hatchery facilities for the production of fish (including forage fish) for recreational fishing.

Category 2 (up to $50,000)

Infrastructure projects – that improve existing fishing experiences. May include fish cleaning facilities, jetty shelters and other smaller scale projects. 

Category 3 (up to $15,000) 

Primarily educational, capacity building and participation activities – including fishing events, fishing classes, educational materials and fishing information materials.  

What should I do before I make an application?

Please read the guidelines carefully and the frequently asked questions.

DEWNR encourages all potential applicants for the South Australian Recreational Fishing Grants Programme to seek advice from relevant authorities when considering making an application (particularly those seeking funds from categories 1 and 2).

This advice will help improve the quality of your application and will provide the opportunity to gain support or form partnerships with the relevant authority. If your application is successful, it will also provide clarity and certainty about any formal approvals required to make your project successful. Getting this advice at the beginning will increase your chances of a successful application and ensure there are no surprises for you as you begin your project.

We recommend that you consult any relevant groups before making your application. See a list of groups that may be able to advise you on your project.

It is also suggested that you contact RecFish SA who can help with advice and ideas regarding your project. They can advise you about similar projects happening within the state, other useful contacts, ideas to ensure applications meet the assessment criteria and potentially support applications. RecFish SA can be contacted on (08) 8340 0777 or at assistance@recfishsa.org.au.

How to apply

Applicants will need to complete and lodge grant applications electronically via the DEWNR Grants Management System website. Successful grant applicants will also be required to submit reports and acquittal forms via the DEWNR Grants Management System.

Read the DEWNR Grants Management System Application Guide for instructions on how to apply online.

You will be required to register your organisation via the website before you can start your application. It is very important that you remember the password that you set when you first register and ensure that you have access to the email address that you nominate as the contact email.

More than one application may be submitted by a group, provided each project is quite distinct from the others, and your organisation has capacity to deliver them.

If you have any queries, please contact us at dewnr.recfishinggrants@sa.gov.au or 8124 4872.

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