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Temporary prohibition of activities within areas of Encounter Marine Park
16 December 2014

There will be a temporary prohibition of activities within Encounter Marine Park from 19 December 2014.

Good news in wake of sad whale stranding
12 December 2014

Out of the sadness surrounding this week’s whale stranding at Ardrossan at least one story with a happy ending has emerged with news of a successful whale rescue at nearby Port Vincent.

Removal of Sperm Whales from Ardrossan beaches a cooperative effort
11 December 2014

A successful resolution has been reached for the removal of seven sperm whale carcases found washed up at Ardrossan.

Various options considered for whales
10 December 2014

The best possible option are being considered for the whale carcasses beached on Yorke Peninsula.

Whale carcass options being assessed
09 December 2014

Options are being considered on how to move the sperm whale carcass which is lodged near Ardrossan jetty.

Yorke Peninsula whale beaching update
08 December 2014

The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources has confirmed the death of a seventh sperm whale near Ardrossan today.

Shark cage diving extension to create more tourism jobs
03 December 2014

Australia’s shark cage diving industry is set to boom, with the announcement of extended licences for operators at Port Lincoln.

Regional Impact Statements to assess marine park impacts
25 November 2014

Minister Ian Hunter has provided an update on the process of marine park Regional Impact Assessment Statements.

Sculpture workshop highlights marine life threat
27 October 2014

Debris collected from beaches in the state’s far-west have been turned into an art piece to highlight their threat to marine life.

No herding fish in Sanctuary Zones
17 October 2014

Staff of the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources want to clarify some confusion as to what can and cannot be done within sanctuary zones, including the Kellidie Bay Sanctuary Zone in Coffin Bay.

Sanctuary zones herald new era for marine conservation
30 September 2014

SA has entered a new era for marine conservation with fishing restrictions now in place in marine park sanctuary zones.

Marine fun day
19 September 2014

Come and celebrate our amazing marine life and get your Nature Play Passport stamped at Marine fun day this October.

Watershed moment for protection of state’s marine environment
18 September 2014

The Marine Parks Amendment Bill has been rejected by Parliament.

White whales
12 August 2014

See the latest photos of the southern right whales that have visited the Great Australian Bight Marine Park.

Learn to dive
12 August 2014

Learn how to dive in South Australia’s marine environment (including our marine parks).

Get marine-park ready for 1 October
25 June 2014

Adelaide Boat Show visitors can collect their free marine park maps, smartphone app and GPS data CD-ROM.

Displaying 1 - 20 of 41 items