Whale watching

For the latest whale sightings along South Australia’s coast visit the Whale Centre website.

The migration of the southern right whale brings breathtaking beauty and sheer power to our majestic South Australian coastline every year.

The whales visit between June and early October as they move into the warmer waters off the South Australian coast to calve. While our whale visitors are mostly southern right whales, we also have sightings of sperm whales, humpbacks, blue whales and the occasional orca.

Whales visit the length of South Australia’s coastline, providing a whale watching paradise with an endless choice of scenery. Two of our marine parks have whale watching facilities:
  • In the Far West Coast Marine Park at the Head of the Bight, you will find special whale watching platforms along the cliffs. It is a spectacular location to view these wonderful marine mammals.
  • On the Fleurieu Peninsula, you’ll find whale watching facilities at Victor Harbor and Basham's Beach. Southern right whales come to the Encounter Marine Park to calve in the protected waters of Encounter Bay.
Other marine parks are more isolated but well worth the trip:

How to get the most out your whale watching experience

  • Have access to binoculars and a camera with a decent zoom lens.
  • Bring your patience and a chair. Take your time and enjoy both the frolicking of the whales and the beautiful natural environment you are in. They may take some time to appear but you will be rewarded with one of nature’s most beautiful scenes.
  • If you have a boat, respect both the whale and the law. You must be at least 300m away from whales, are not allowed to approach them and must keep your motors in idle if approached. Whales may appear slow and gentle but they can easily overpower boats with their speed, particularly when surfacing from below.

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