Marine Parks Council

The Marine Parks Council of South Australia provides advice to the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation on a range of economic and social issues relating to South Australia's marine parks, including:

  • marine park boundaries and interim protection orders 
  • marine park zones and management plans 
  • promoting community participation in marine park management. 

The council's advisory role makes it responsible for ensuring that environmental, social and economic factors are taken into consideration in planning for our marine parks.

The Marine Parks Council members are:
  • Prof Rob Lewis (marine science) - Presiding Member 
  • Michelle Grady (marine conservation) - Deputy Presiding Member 
  • A/Prof Sabine Dittman (marine science) 
  • David Ellis (aquaculture) 
  • Greg James (recreational fishing) 
  • Samara Miller (commercial fishing) 
  • Peter Risely (community affairs) 
  • Kathryn Warhurst (marine conservation) 
  • Loralee Wright (indigenous culture) 
  • 1 vacancy
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