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Wilderness protection in South Australia

The Wilderness Protection Act was established in 1992 to provide for the protection of wilderness and the restoration of land to its condition before European colonisation. For land to be considered 'wilderness' it must be relatively free from the effects of modern technology and not seriously affected by exotic animals, plants and organisms.

Why is it important to protect wilderness?

The protection of wilderness helps us to make sure that future generations have the opportunity to see and experience unspoilt landscapes. It helps to maintain biological diversity and habitats and assists in the conservation of endangered species.

Wilderness offers people a place of solitude and inspiration and offers an escape from the pressures of day-to-day life. The protection of wilderness also helps to conserve areas which are culturally significant to Aboriginal people.

To read more about wilderness protection, see Wilderness in South Australia- protecting habitat, preserving landscapes.

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Can I enter a wilderness protection area?

Yes, if you are walking or hiking through the area. Vehicle access is permitted along public tracks that have been specified in the management plan for that particular wilderness protection area.

If it is considered necessary for the regeneration and protection of wilderness in the area, some vehicle tracks that were public access before the proclamation of the wilderness protection area may be restricted to management use only.

Can I camp in a wilderness protection area?

Yes. If you are walking or hiking through the area there is no limitation on where you can camp although camping in designated areas is preferable. If you are travelling through the area in a vehicle, camping is only permitted along public access tracks and designated areas specified in the management plan for that particular wilderness protection area.

Visitors to wilderness protection areas are encouraged to practice the principles outlined in the Wilderness minimum impact code.

Management Plans for Wilderness Protection Areas

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