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Third Party or Credit SEB

Recent changes to the Native Vegetation Act allow for someone other than the person carrying out clearance to provide a Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) offset area. This can be achieved in one of two ways:

  • SEB credit from an existing SEB area may be assigned to a clearance proponent from an SEB credit holder.
  • An Accredited Third Party Provider may establish a new SEB area for a clearance proponent. 

Assignment of an SEB credit or establishment of a Third Party SEB enables landowners to work directly with companies and other agencies that need to offset their approved clearance activities. This will help establish a new market for environmental conservation in South Australia.

What is a Third Party or Credit SEB?

SEB Credit

If a landholder establishes an SEB area that is larger than required for an approved clearance, or is not associated with any clearance, they may qualify for the establishment of SEB credit.

The SEB credit can either be held by the landholder to apply to future clearance applications, or it may be assigned to another person or body.

The SEB credit will be recorded on the publicly available Native Vegetation Credit Register. 

Accredited Third Party Provider

If an individual or organisation has the ability to establish and manage an SEB area, they may wish to become an Accredited Third Party Provider.  Accredited Third Party Providers are placed on a list of people or organisations that are recognised as able to establish a Third Party SEB if and when required.

If an Accredited Third Party Provider does not want to be responsible for the ongoing management of the SEB, they can be a Broker.  A Broker may help the landholder organise an assessment of the vegetation, establish credit, develop the management plan and facilitate or develop agreements with clearance proponents.

A list of Accredited Third Party Providers and Brokers will be made publically available on the Native Vegetation Credit Register. 

For more information on the eligibility criteria, roles and responsibilities of Accredited Third Party Providers, see the Native Vegetation Third Party and Credit SEB Kit.

Native Vegetation Credit Register

The Native Vegetation Credit Register will contain information on SEB credit and a list of Accredited Third Party Providers and Brokers.  The Native Vegetation Credit Register will be found here during late 2017.

How to establish SEB Credit or become an Accredited Third Party Provider

SEB Credit

  1. Engage an NVC Accredited Consultant to undertake an assessment of the proposed SEB area to determine the SEB credit that will be available; and
  2. Apply to the Native Vegetation Council to establish the SEB credit; or

Fill in the Template to register a potential SEB Credit or Third Party SEB Area and if endorsed by the Native Vegetation Council as a potential SEB credit, the SEB area can be formally established once assessed by an NVC Accredited Consultant.

Accredited Third Party Provider

  1. Fill in the Application for Accreditation as a Third Party Provider; and
  2. Address the eligibility criteria required by the Native Vegetation Council and provide other information including the location and description of possible SEB areas that could be established as SEB credit.

How to apply

Select the relevant application form below.

Application for Accreditation as a Third Party Provider – this form is an application for Accreditation as a Third Party Provider.  Only a person or body who is registered as an Accredited Third Party Provider can establish a Third Party SEB.  Accredited Third Party Providers can also act as Brokers.

Template to register a potential SEB Credit or Third Party SEB Area – this template allows a landowner to register a potential SEB area.  Third Party Providers can use this template to register potential SEB areas, with authorization from the landowner, but will need to be accredited prior to applying to establish a Third Party SEB.

Application to Establish a Third Party SEB Area – this application form allows Accredited Third Party Providers to establish a Third Party SEB.  The form must be accompanied by an NVC Accredited Consultant Bushland or Rangeland Assessment and SEB Management Plan.

Application to Establish and Assign SEB Credit – this application form allows landowners to establish SEB Credit and allows Accredited Third Party Providers and credit holders to assign SEB Credit to another person, body or clearance proponent.  The form must be authorized by the credit holder.

Send your completed application form to:

Native Vegetation Branch
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
GPO Box 1047
Adelaide SA 5001

For more information, see the Native Vegetation Third Party and Credit SEB Kit or contact us.



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