Native vegetation checklist

What is the purpose of your enquiry? More information

1. Report a suspected illegal activity  


2. Find out your options to protect or restore 
    native vegetation, such as Heritage
    Agreements, protecting revegetation,
    and funding support


3. Find out the status of an existing clearance

Yes – contact DEWNR's Native Vegetation Management Unit on (+61 8) 8303 9777 or  

4. Intend to clear native vegetation

Yes – go to Question 5


No – go to Question 7


Not sure – Clearance of vegetation may involve a range of activities – see definition


Do you already know you need to seek approval? Go to clearance applications.

5. Are you in an area where the Native
    Vegetation Act applies?        

Don’t know – check our maps


Yes – go to Question 6


No – you can clear without approval from the Native Vegetation Council, but check with your local council for Significant or Regulated trees


6. Why do you want to clear?

To build a house


To clear near existing buildings or structures


Fire protection or recovery


To manage roadside vegetation


To maintain or build a dam


To remove vegetation near fences


To remove a scattered tree


To remove a dead tree


To create access to a property






To manage a vineyard


To manage pests or other problems


To collect native plants


Ecological reasons


Aboriginal cultural reasons


To manage a particular species


Mining or exploration 

7. Find out about the recent reforms to the
    native vegetation legislation


8. Another enquiry not related to the above

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