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Term Pool Registrations now open.

What is the Term Pool Register?

DEWNR maintains a Term Pool Register of applicants who are interested in working as a Project Firefighter or Senior Project Firefighter during the prescribed burn season (September through to May). 

Please note that registering your interest does not guarantee employment. When and if a position becomes available during the prescribed burn season, all applications on the Register are reviewed. If you are successfully shortlisted, you may be contacted for an interview and will participate in the recruitment step process outlined below. Each step must be completed and successfully passed before progressing to the next stage.

Essential Requirements

For information on essential requirements please see Essential requirements for project firefighters.

Term Pool Register recruitment application process

  1. A position becomes available
  2. Applications are reviewed on the Register
  3. Shortlisting occurs
  4. Interview (including a medical assessment)
  5. Task Based Assessment
  6. Police Check
  7. Clearances must be received
  8. Contract issued
  9. Project Firefighter to commence employment.

More information

To apply 

Term Pool Register - Project Fire Fighter

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Term Pool Register - Senior Project Fire Fighter

view role description

complete application form


If you have any questions about the Term Pool Register please contact or (08) 8124 4833.


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