The Nature of SA project

Thinking differently about biodiversity conservation in South Australia.

South Australia is home to an astounding variety of environments: from spectacular coastlines to arid ranges, dense mallee to stony deserts, farmlands and urban parks to expansive, ephemeral wetlands and remote wilderness.

Our natural environment is valued in many different ways: from a deep conviction to the valuable remnants of pre-European biodiversity, to the enjoyment from rural vistas with patchwork of productivity and scattered native vegetation to the pleasure of a walk in a manicured park. Many people are doing fantastic work to protect and promote South Australia’s natural diversity.

What can we do to best manage our natural environment? 

The Nature of SA project is about creating a space to reflect on how the state has managed our natural environment in the past and how we can best manage it for the future. 

The project is a partnership that includes people from Conservation Council SA, Nature Conservation Society SA, Trees for Life, Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA), and regional and central offices of the Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR). We are assisted by the Australian Resilience institute and The Australian Centre for Social Innovation. 

Together we will build on the state’s current nature conservation strategy, No Species Loss – A Nature Conservation Strategy for South Australia 2007–2017, and help shape future strategic directions with shared visions for nature conservation in South Australia.

Read the Nature of SA project overview.

DEWNR and the Conservation Council SA would like to thank everyone who participated in the online survey about the No Species Loss strategy. The winner of the Multi Park Pass has been notified. A summary of the outcomes of the survey will be available soon.

State forum

On 20 and 21 February 2017, the Conservation Council of SA hosted a state forum for ‘the Nature of SA’ at The Sanctuary in the Zoological Gardens. The purpose of the forum was to discuss what shifts are required to improve our approach to nature conservation and come to an agreed understanding about what’s most important.

To find out more visit the Nature of SA website or download the latest Communique (June 2017)