South Australian Wild Dog Strategic Plan

This consultation has now closed and the plan is nearing completion

Consultation on the State Wild Dog Strategic Plan has now closed. Responses were incorporated into a new draft and considered by the South Australian Wild Dog Advisory Group.

The plan has been sent to stakeholder groups for consideration.

Community consultation is an important aspect of the process and we thank all those who provided their feedback. 

The final plan will be posted on the DEWNR website once adopted by the Minister.

Concerned about wild dog management in South Australia? The South Australian Wild Dog Advisory Group has drafted a Wild Dog Strategic Plan for South Australia and we want to know what you think.

Wild dogs, including dingoes and their hybrids with domestic dogs, are both a serious pest of livestock and an admired wildlife species with important ecological and cultural values. This presents obvious challenges. The draft plan acknowledges both perspectives and recommends actions to protect the livestock industries while maintaining populations of wild dogs in northern South Australia.

Management of wild dogs is essential for sustainability of South Australia’s extensive livestock industries. The pastoral sheep industry based inside (south of) the dog fence is especially at risk, but the pastoral cattle industry, mostly outside the fence can also be seriously impacted. The plan outlines a coordinated State-wide approach to managing the threats and the benefits of wild dogs based on a system of three management zones centred on the South Australian dog fence.

Successful wild dog management requires a coordinated approach by government, industry and community stakeholders. It is important that all interested parties have a say on the draft plan so that the views of a broad cross-section of the community is represented.

Download the draft Wild Dog Strategic Plan.

Community consultation closes: 
Friday 27 February 2015
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Supporting documents

  • Wild Dog Draft Strategic Plan
  • Feedback form