Fire management plans

Fire Management Plans

Fire Management Plans identify areas within the state that are most at risk and provide a strategic and coordinated effort to guide fire management activities.

During the development of the plans, DEWNR consults with local communities, local government, the Country Fire Service (CFS), other government agencies and many other interested parties to gather local information on fire management issues.

Managing bushfire risk is about taking reasonable steps to mitigate risks within current or potential resourcing levels. Managing bushfire risk encompasses: identifying risks to life, property and the environment posed by fire; and developing strategies to address the highest risks. A Fire Management Plan is the risk management instrument for illustrating the risks to life, property and environmental values. The plan will utilise a risk assessment to develop fire management objectives and strategies. Fire management zones are determined considering the level of risk.

Once finalised, the plans underpin all fire management activities undertaken in reserves managed by DEWNR. They also provide the opportunity for landowners who have Heritage Agreements on their land to partner with DEWNR when preparing private conservation areas for bushfire season.

DEWNR releases draft fire management plans periodically throughout the year for public comment.

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