What’s beautiful now?

  • Wollemi Pine

    Described as the botanical find of the century, the prehistoric Wollemi Pine dates back to the time of dinosaurs! Read more

  • Fern Gully

    Explore one of Australia’s richest fern collections, with tall tree ferns extending out of the gully as you climb among the vines and shrubs. High-rainfall plants from Australia and New Zealand create a temperate rainforest that’s cool and inviting year-round.

  • South American Gully

    South American Gully was planted with a Gondwanan theme, so you can compare plants from far-flung parts of the globe, looking for clues of their shared origins from the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana.

  • Spring Gully

    A glimpse into the 19th and 20th Century history of the Piccadilly Valley, the permanent spring in this area was once used by local market gardeners as their main water supply. Keep an eye out for an old well and other remnant structures, as well as the endangered King Fern and rare Indigenous Coral Ferns that have survived.

  • ATCO Heritage Rose Garden

    Discover the fascinating story of how roses have changed through centuries of selection, cross breeding and cultivation. Uncover the key chapters in the history of the rose, which spans East and West, science and culture. Read more

  • Titan arum

    The Titan arum is one of the world’s most fascinating plants, thanks to its size (it’s one of the world’s biggest flowers, growing up to three metres tall), striking appearance, the rarity and fleetingness of flowers and the fact it smells like rotting flesh when in bloom! Read more