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Meet our Corpse Flower relatives
20 March 2017

Three of our stinky Titan Arum's relatives bloomed at Mount Lofty Botanic Garden's Nursery this summer [video inside].

Autumn gardening tips
01 March 2017

We ask Botanic Gardens of South Australia curators for their autumn advice to make your garden shine.

Go on a virtual tour of the Garden!
13 February 2017

Google Street View’s Trekker now allows you to visit Adelaide Botanic Garden from anywhere in the world.

Our Nelumbo Pond is dazzling right now
24 January 2017

These sacred lotus flowers are stopping crowds in their tracks.

Corpse Flower time lapse
18 January 2017

On 3 January 2017 Ganteng the Corpse Flower bloomed at Adelaide Botanic Garden - now we bring you the vision.

A lifetime at the Gardens
28 December 2016

Thekla Reichstein notches up 60 years of service to the Botanic Gardens of South Australia.

Stranger Things
21 December 2016

Adelaide may soon have another Corpse Flower on its hands, but not as we know it.

Summer gardening tips
01 December 2016

Botanic Gardens curators give you their top summer tips for your garden.

Your 2016 Christmas Garden Gift Guide
30 November 2016

Find the perfect garden Christmas gift for that someone special!

A love story in the Bicentennial Conservatory
28 November 2016

This spring a love-struck pair of White-browed Woodswallows were suddenly torn apart. Will they be reunited?

A new stinky at Mount Lofty
31 October 2016

One of our Titan Arum's stinky relatives made an appearance last weekend!

And the winner is...
19 September 2016

Botanic Gardens staff have taken home a slew of awards in September.

A killer in the Hills!
16 September 2016

The Adelaide Hills are home to an abundance of gorgeous plants. But among the scenic vistas there lies a killer!

Spring gardening tips
26 August 2016

Botanic Gardens curators give you their top tips for spring!

Murdoch Avenue turns 150
15 August 2016

VIDEO: Adelaide Botanic Garden's stately Murdoch Avenue was planted full of Moreton Bay figs in 1866.

Breathing life into the Schomburgk Pavilion
27 July 2016

Keep an eye out for some new and green additions to the Adelaide Botanic Garden pavilion during your next visit.

Wittunga wunderkind
04 July 2016

A new project between Urrbrae High School, City of Mitcham and Wittunga Botanic Garden is achieving impressive results.

Winter gardening tips
03 June 2016

Do's, don'ts and handy winter advice from Botanic Gardens of South Australia curators.

Kicking up a stink
03 May 2016

After Ganteng the Corpse Flower caused a stench in February, it seems other Adelaide plants have got (stinky) ideas.

Meet Judy Morton
26 April 2016

Catching up with one of our treasured Garden Guides.

Displaying 1 - 20 of 58 results