Botanic Park


Right next to the Adelaide Botanic Garden is the glorious Botanic Park, a 34 hectare, green oasis a short walk from the Adelaide CBD.

The Adelaide Botanic Garden purchased the land for the park in 1866. From 1890 onwards, lively public debate was to be had at Speaker's Corner on a Sunday. This gave Botanic Park a reputation as Adelaide's Hyde Park, the celebrated locale for free speech in London.

Botanic Park is flanked on the Botanic Garden side by a stately avenue of plane trees planted in 1874, and on the northern side by the River Torrens and the Adelaide Zoo. Many a lazy afternoon has been wiled away, staring up into the canopy of the century-old Moreton Bay Fig trees, with their huge trunks and gnarled buttress roots.

Not just a popular venue for picnics, Botanic Park is also an outstanding venue for major events including WOMADelaide, Parklife and Moonlight Cinema.

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Botanic Park Map

Did you know …

There is a rich history between the Botanic Gardens of South Australia and The Salvation Army. It was in Botanic Park that The Salvation Army held its first open-air meeting on Australian soil on 5th September 1880. To commemorate this event and the significant contribution made by The Salvation Army, the Botanic Gardens of South Australia planted an avenue of trees on the northern side of Botanic Park (on Botanic Drive). Find out more about The Salvation Army in Botanic Park.