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Highlights: Visiting the gardens? All you need to know.Discover: Plants are our star attraction.What
News and events

Lucerne scientist

City Crop scientist
City Crop blog: This month we spoke to lucerne scientist, Alan, who we figured knew a thing or two about our Crop!
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Mount Lofty closed

Mount Lofty Botanic Garden will be closed on Monday 30 November due to the "Severe" fire danger rating.
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Meet Helena

Helena Jenkinson
Catching up with one of our treasured Garden Guides, Helena Jenkinson.
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Amazing alfalfa

City Crop alfalfa sandwich
City crop blog: what's the difference between lucerne and alfalfa (clue: one goes great on your sandwiches!)?
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Rhododendron Walks

Rhododendron walks
Witness the stunning sea of colour at Mount Lofty Botanic Garden's iconic Rhododendron Gully in October and November.
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Why Lucerne?

City Crop Lucerne news icon
City Crop blog: It's not just the bellies of cows (and us!) that benefit from Lucerne, the soil loves it too.
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Our Australian Native Garden celebrates the diversity of native plants and is filled with great ideas you can use in your own garden. - Sheryn Pitman, Sustainable Landscapes, Botanic Gardens of South Australia