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According to section 37 of the Development Act 1993 (the Act), certain development applications can be referred to the Board by the relevant planning authorities. The Regulations under the Act (specifically schedule B) determine which applications are referred, and whether the relevant authority is subject to the direction of the Board or whether it must only have regard to the Board's response.

Specific information contained in the Board's management plans, study reports, technical reports and other documents is used as the basis for responding to development applications through the Development Assessment Commission.

An area of particular concern to the Board is establishing whether land, and any development on it, is likely to affect or be affected by coastal processes including storm surge flooding and short or long-term changes in the coastline's position.

The Board may also consider the impact of a proposed development on the:

  • way the coast is or may be used
  • provision and location of coastal facilities
  • visual qualities of the coast
  • environmental significance of the coast.

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