Compliance Unit responsibilities

DEWNR's Compliance Unit's foremost objective is to protect South Australia’s flora, fauna, water resources and ecosystems from exploitation.

While cooperative measures are the Compliance Unit's preferred means of achieving compliance with legislation, there are occasions where cooperation and negotiation are insufficient.

On a day to day basis, the Compliance Unit is responsible for:

  • investigating reports of inappropriate or suspicious treatment/death of wildlife eg illegal take, trapping or trafficking
  • ensuring compliance with and investigating alleged breaches of envionmental legislation
  • liaising with appropriate agencies, for example the South Australian Police, if investigations reveal breaches outside of DEWNR's jurisdiction
  • answering general enquiries from the public and DEWNR staff regarding the care and rescue of animals and the permit system
  • investigating or supporting the investigation of vandalism, illegal camping, or illegal use of vehicles within parks and reserves
  • the seizure of wildlife or enforced compliance through the implementation of Warden’s powers, when voluntary compliance is not forthcoming
  • facilitating and managing the efficient, regulated and fully accountable trade in wildlife within the community, by ensuring access to flora and fauna is conscientious, sustainable, and has no negative impact on naturally occurring populations
  • administering the fauna permits system and conducting routine inspections of permit holders
  • educating and raising awareness in the community about best practice in the 'keep, sell and trade' of protected wildlife
  • taking part in state and national environmental law enforcement programs, boards and committees.

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