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Capital works

Refurbishment of an office building with ceramic fuel cells and solar cells

Location: 87-91 Vincent Street, Port Adelaide
Grant amount: $309,000

Part of a larger sustainable redevelopment of a boutique office building which sought to achieve a "no operational carbon" outcome by incorporating onsite renewable energy generation.

Installation of indirect evaporative cooling

Location: 67 Greenhill Road, Wayville
Grant Amount: $160,000

Installation of a locally developed, indirect evaporative cooling systems into an existing commercial office building and monitoring of any improvements in indoor environment quality and occupant comfort levels.

Installation of living wall systems

Location: The former Telephone Exchange building, 2-8 Franklin Street, Adelaide
Grant amount: $214,000

Development and installation of a hybrid living wall prototype system suitable for the Adelaide climatic conditions and applicable to both new buildings and existing retrofits. The design criteria for the development of the living wall were based on those identified in the feasibility study. The living wall was officially launched on 14 May 2011.

Its performance was tested and monitored for 12 months.

Installation of a green roof system

Location: ANZ House, 11 Waymouth Street, Adelaide
Grant amount: $134,000

Installation and monitoring of several green roof systems and to compare their performance in Adelaide's climate. 

The installation of the green roof systems was completed in June 2011. Their performance was tested and monitored for 12 months.

Feasibility and case studies

Sustainable concepts feasibility study

Location: Focus on Chesser House, Grenfell St, Adelaide
Grant amount: $20,000

Study identifying and comparing various innovative and sustainable concepts applicable to large scale commercial office buildings with a focus on Chesser House on Grenfell Street, Adelaide. The study report outlines a wide range of technologies, from well-established approaches to the more innovative solutions which can improve the building's energy and greenhouse gas performance.

Living wall system feasibility study

Location: City Central Tower 8, 12 - 26 Franklin Street, Adelaide
Grant amount: $27,000

This feasibility study is transferable to other existing office buildings by identifying the living wall criteria appropriate for Adelaide's climate. The study also provides some insight into the potential for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and investigates design options for multi-storey building facades.

Feasibility study into building-integrated photovoltaic options for commercial office building facades

Location: 1 King William Street, Adelaide
Grant Amount: $50,000

Investigating building-integrated solar photovoltaic solutions for the purpose of retrofitting existing facades and designing new commercial office buildings.

Thermographic survey and facade improvement analysis feasibility study

Location: 22 King William Street, Adelaide
Grant amount: $30,000

Using thermography to establish energy improvement strategies for existing building façades and will deliver a new methodology for thermographic analysis of building facades.

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