Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

The Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens is published regularly by the Board of the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium. 

The journal published scientific articles on the following topics:

  • plant systematics, taxonomy and nomenclature of plants, algae and fungi
  • descriptive plant morphology, anatomy
  • plant biology, genetics, ecology
  • botanical history, obituaries, biography, bibliographic studies.


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More information

All papers of the journal are refereed. See the guidelines for contributors. 

From May 2013 the Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens switches to electronic publishing. Articles are made available on the Journal's web page in PDF format soon after they are reviewed, edited and type-set. Hardcopies of the Journal are produced at the end of the year, collating all articles published during that year. These copies are distributed to botanical libraries in Australia and around the world; issues are also available for purchase.

These changes are in accordance with the International Code of Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi, and Plants, which permits electronic publication of plant names since 1 January 2012. For authors this has the advantage of a shorter time between submission of a manuscripts and final publication of the paper, while readers can access papers instantly and for free of charge from this web page.

The Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens Supplement series is published in irregular intervals. So far two supplements have been issued (for details see our book publications)

  • Census of South Australian vascular plants, Edition 5.00 (Suppl. 1)
  • Botanic Gardens of Adelaide: Catalogue of plants 2010 (Suppl. 2)

For information regarding submission of manuscripts, subscription or back issues, please contact the Editor, Jürgen Kellermann. 

Editorial board

  • Mrs R.M. Barker
  • Dr W.R. Barker
  • Mr S.J. Forbes (policy)
  • Dr C.F.D. Gurgel (non-vascular plants)
  • Mr T. Kanellos (exchange programme)
  • Dr J. Kellermann (Editor)
  • Prof. A.J. Lowe
  • Dr H.R. Toelken
  • Prof. M. Waycott