Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Volume 21

08 Feb 2007

Eremophila tietkensii F.Muell. & Tate (Myoporaceae), a misinterpreted species

Chinnock, R.J.

The botanical legacy of 1802: South Australian plants collected by Robert Brown and Peter Good on Matthew Flinders’ Investigator and by the French scientists on Baudin’s Géographe and Naturaliste

Barker, R.M.

Lists of gypsophilous plants from southern Australia

Symon, D.E.

Re-instatement of the name Spyridium waterhousei from Kangaroo Island, South Australia, with a short history of the tribe Pomaderreae (Rhamnaceae)

Kellermann, J.

Two new species of Australian Stenanthemum (Rhamnaceae), with a conspectus and key to species outside Western Australia

Thiele, K.R.

Malva preissiana Miq., an overlooked name for Lavatera plebeia Sims (Malvaceae), with a note on variation within the species

Barker, R.M. & Conran, J.G.

Calycopeplus (Euphorbiaceae) not in South Australia

Barker, R.M. & George, A.S.

A review of South Australian Wurmbea (Colchicaceae~Liliaceae): keys, new taxa and combinations, and notes

Bates, R.J.

Australian Plant Census Precursor Papers 1 – Introduction to the series

Orchard, A.E.

APC Precursor Papers 1 – Publication and lectotypification of the name Stenocarpus sinuatus (Proteaceae)

Orchard, A.E., George, A.S. & Brummitt, R.K.

APC Precursor Papers 1 – What is the gender of Sphenotoma (Epacridaceae)?

Orchard, A.E.

APC Precursor Papers 1 – Xylomelum benthamii Orchard, a replacement name for Xylomelum salicinum (Meisn.) Benth., nom. illeg. (Proteaceae)

Orchard, A.E.

APC Precursor Papers 1 – A new combination Trema tomentose var. aspera (Brongn.) Hewson (Ulmaceae)

Hewson, H.J.

APC Precursor Papers 1 – Stackhousia subterranea, a new name and revised circumscription for S. gunnii Hook.f. (Stackhousiaceae~Celastraceae)

Barker, W.R.

APC Precursor Papers 1 – Eucalyptus viminalis subsp. hentyensis Brooker & Slee new from Tasmania

Brooker, M.I.H. & Slee, H.V.

APC Precursor Papers 1 – A new status in Nicotiana (Solanaceae): N. monoschizocarpa (P.Horton) Symon & Lepschi

Symon, D.E. & Lepschi, B.J.

APC Precursor Papers 1 – Euphrasia tasmanica Gand. formally reduced to a subspecies in E. collina R.Br.

Barker, W.R.

Review of Acacia retinodes and closely related species, A. uncifolia and A. provincialis (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae: sect. Phyllodineae)

O'Leary, M.C.