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Sturt Pea

a most splendid plant


D.E. Symon & M.Jusaitis


As one of the most striking and recognisable flowers, Sturt pea has captured the imagination of writers and artists for centuries. This book is the first to comprehensively focus on this dramatic flower. It recounts the story of the discovery and history of Sturt pea, of the passion of early European horticulturalists to grow the plant. The book also explains its botany, biology and culture, and tells of its rise to iconic status, its adoption in art and design, and of the progress made in domesticating this wild yet mysterious plant.

Eminent botanist David Symon and Manfred Jusaitis have spent several decades studying and researching Sturt pea. In this book they reveal the secrets of this ‘iconic’ Australian flower for the instruction and delight of biologists, gardeners and art lovers alike.

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Board of the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium
Collector’s edition signed and dated by the authors; 207 copies in quarter-bound leather. In print.