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Eremophila and allied genera

A monograph of the plant family Myoporaceae


R.J. Chinnock


This exemplary monograph is the result of 30 years’ research by Bob Chinnock, the world authority on the family Myoporaceae. He has produced a new classification of the family, resulting in the delimitation of three new genera, over 150 new species and subspecies, and a revised infrageneric classification of Eremophila and Myoporum. The treatment of species in this work includes a detailed description, colour photographs, analytical drawings and notes on distribution, ecology, conservation status and relationships. The book also contains detailled introductory chapters on history, morphology, biology, chemistry, uses, phylogeny and relationships of Myoporaceae. The family contains seven genera and about 250 species and is largely restricted to Australia.

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Rosenberg Publishing
Hardcover. 672 pages. In print. Available from the publisher.