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Species and populations

Over time South Australian species, ecosystems and landscapes have changed significantly. Some of our native species are now threatened, used for production or have become overabundant. Any change in numbers of one species can affect other species and their ecosystem with wide-ranging implications. Collections, surveys and monitoring programs keep track of the distribution and condition of key plant and animal communities across the state, including threatened and non-threatened native biota, as well as exotic pests, and biota that are likely to pose a biosecurity threat.

With these data and expert knowledge, all native plants and animals in each of South Australia's biogeographical regions are being assigned a conservation status. Having detailed regional information on species or populations that are threatened, declining or invasive, along with knowledge of processes that threaten ecosystems and communities, forms the basis for rigorous prioritising of restoration and recovery action.

DEWNR's species and populations science includes:

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