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Mangrove and saltmarsh communities have been systematically mapped across South Australia and the associated data used to determine the conservation status of these habitats in South Australia and list those in need of protection.

Mapping of South Australia's 102 estuaries was completed in 2009. Mapping has included the outer boundaries of each estuary as well as the boundaries between internal habitats.

The mapping provides knowledge of the extent of estuaries and the type and size of the habitats present. This information will support planning and management and create a better understanding of the estuarine assets of South Australia.

DEWNR's interactive online mapping site NatureMaps allows you to navigate through areas of interest and displays a range of information on selected features, habitats and species. The ecological community mapping available online includes:

  • marine benthic habitats
  • estuary habitats
  • floristic vegetation
  • pre-European vegetation
  • roadside vegetation
  • saltmarsh and mangroves.
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