Dolphin Day 2014

Date posted: 31 January 2014

Do you love dolphins and want to learn more about these beautiful creatures? 

The Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary is holding their Dolphin Day this March where you can come and learn about the Port River Dolphins, their habitat and how to get involved in helping to protect them.

Dolphin Day is a fun day out for all the family and will have many free activities:

  • Take a dolphin cruise - FREE tickets are available to the first 300 people to visit the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary information stall (two free tickets per family)
  • Follow the Dolphin Trail to win great prizes
  • Meet Splash the dolphin mascot in the children’s area for lots of dolphin fun
  • Get your face painted and jump on the dolphin bouncy castle
  • Visit the information and dolphin activity stalls
  • Attend a scientific talk
  • Look at the Life in the Sanctuary photography exhibition
  • Find out about volunteer opportunities
  • Watch the interactive theatre play by the Adelaide University Theatre Guild
Plus WIN a money can’t buy dolphin experience with the Sanctuary staff during a water patrol.

Please see the timetable below for activity times.

When: Sunday 16 March

Time: 10am – 4pm

Where: Port Adelaide Lighthouse Square, Port Adelaide

Cost: Free

Time Interactive theatre Dolphin Explorer Cruises Port Princess Cruises Scientific talks
10.30am  Don't feed dolphins      Coastal and marine conservation in the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary 
11.00am      50 free tickets available  Bottlenose dolphin is Adelaide metropolitan waters 
11.30am  Don't feed dolphins  100 free tickets available     
1.00pm  Don't feed dolphins      The Dolphin Mortality Event in SA 2013 
1.30pm      50 free tickets available   
2.00pm    100 free tickets available    Little Island Big Ocean 
2.30pm  Don't feed dolphins      Feral or in peril? 

About the activities

Interactive theatre

Don't feed dolphins by the University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Dolphin Explorer/Port Princess cruisers

Free tickets available to Dolphin Explorer and Port Princess cruisers. Limited number of tickets available, maximum two tickets per family. Please pick up tickets from the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary stall from 10am.

Scientific talks (held at the Port Adelaide Town Hall)

Coastal and marine conservation in the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary - Tony Flaherty, AMLR NRM Board

Bottlenose dolphin in Adelaide metropolitan waters The ecology and social structure of the southern Australian Bottlenose dolphin in Adelaide metropolitan waters - Nikki Zanardo, Flinders University

The dolphin mortality event in SA 2013

  • The unusual mortality event of dolphins in South Australia during 2013: biological information on dolphins collected before and during the event - Cath Kemper, SA Museum
  • Pathological findings in dolphins relating to the unusual mortality event in South Australia during 2013 - Ikuko Tomo, SA Museum

Little Island Big Ocean - Tony and Phyll Bartram, KI Dolphin Watch

Feral or in peril? - Carl Charter, Reef Watch Project Officer, Conservation Council

Stall holder’s registration

If you are interested in having a stall at Dolphin Day please complete the registration form (294kb pdf) and return to us by Friday 28 February 2014. Find out more about participating on the day (406kb pdf).


Phone: (08) 8240 0193