New look State NRM Council forms

Date posted: 09 May 2013

Fresh faces will contribute to the direction of the State’s Natural Resources Management (NRM) with new members Peter Risely and Anita Crisp appointed to the NRM Council at the beginning of May.

Those re-appointed to the NRM Council are Felicity-Ann Lewis as a community representative and South Australian Farmers Federation (now known as Primary Producers SA) representative Joseph Keynes, along with two currently serving deputies.

NRM Council Presiding Member Andrew Inglis said the experience and knowledge that new members bring to the Council will ensure it continues to meet the key objective of providing strong strategic input into management of the State’s natural resources.

“There is a high expectation that members of the Council will provide valuable strategic advice to the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation on the critical issues for NRM,” he said.

“We have representatives from Primary Producers SA, Local Government Association, Conservation Council of South Australia and an Aboriginal representative.

“While these members are not appointed as advocates for their organisations they ensure that we have a variety of opinions and knowledge sources to draw upon.”

A new Aboriginal representative on the NRM Council is expected to be appointed before July.

Mr Inglis said over the last twelve months the Council had worked on six priorities where it had provided strategic advice.

“We’ve considered the State NRM Plan, the Basin Plan, climate change, land use planning, water allocation planning and food security,” he said.

“In each of these areas we have successfully engaged with relevant stakeholders and provided advice to the Minister drawn from that engagement and the Council’s expertise.

“I am confident that the new Council will apply the same vigour and enthusiasm as we continue to address significant issues affecting the state’s natural resources."

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