Meet Icy and Polar at Cleland Wildlife Park

Date posted: 02 May 2013

Two rare and endangered golden southern hairy-nosed wombats have gone on display at Cleland Wildlife Park.

Found within six months of each other in 2011, the female (named Icy) and the male (named Polar) were originally raised in a rescue centre in Ceduna, before coming to Cleland at the end of last year.

Cleland Wildlife Park Manager Nalini Klopp said the park was thrilled to finally introduce its newest residents to the public.

“Golden wombats are virtually unknown in the wild, given their lighter colour makes them susceptible to prey, and we only know of one other in captivity,” she said.

“While their glossy colour comes from a rare gene, we don’t believe Icy and Polar are related. It’s just one of those things.”

Icy and Polar join two other hairy nosed wombats and a common wombat at Cleland.

“The wombats have always been a favourite with our visitors,” Ms Klopp said.

“Icy and Polar have spent the first few months of this year acclimatising to their new surroundings and are now happy in their new home. They join the park’s other hairy-nosed wombats and common wombat.

“It’s been a very exciting time for everyone involved.”

According to Ms Klopp this is also the perfect time to visit the park.

“Wombats don’t like extremes in temperature, which is why they construct burrows so they can escape the heat during the day,” she said.

“Now that they weather has cooled down, they will be more active during the day, and even if they are tucked away in their burrow you will still be able to see them. What better time to come up and meet Icy and Polar for yourself?”

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