Flinders Chase National Park to expand

Date posted: 19 April 2013

Minister Ian Hunter
Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation / Minister for Water and the River Murray / Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation

Flinders Chase National Park will be extended by 1,680 hectares, linking up the coastal corridor of conservation reserves at the southern end of Kangaroo Island.

Environment Minister Ian Hunter made the announcement during his trip to Kangaroo Island today.

“This is an area of spectacular natural beauty and high conservation value and we are very pleased to be able to preserve it for generations to come,” Mr Hunter said.

“This newly-acquired land at Hanson Bay is particularly important as it links Flinders Chase National Park, Kelly Hill Conservation Park and Cape Bouguer Wilderness Area as a coastal corridor, which will have great benefits for the local fauna and flora.

“Adding this land to the Flinders Chase National Park can only reinforce Kangaroo Island as one of the jewels in South Australia’s tourism crown. It is the most significant addition of land to this nationally-significant tourism destination for 20 years,” Mr Hunter said.

It currently takes in 32,661 hectares of land on Kangaroo Island’s southern end and is a popular destination for visitors from around the state, across the country and the world.

The park features spectacular cliffs overlooking the wild Southern Ocean, natural formations such as Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch, two heritage lighthouses and a colony of New Zealand fur seals.

Hanson Bay is an important addition to the park, providing habitat for a number of native species, including the southern emu-wren, osprey, shy albatross, beautiful fire-tail, Cape Barren goose, bush stone-curlew and heath goanna.

Protecting these habitats also represents a significant contribution to the Cape Borda to Barossa Nature Links corridor and contributes to the implementation of Conserving Nature, the State’s strategy for establishing a system of protected areas.