Fire Management Strategy for Alinytjara Wilurara region

Date posted: 11 April 2013

An opportunity to contribute to the Alinytjara Wilurara Fire Management Strategy is being offered to the public.

The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) driven strategy covers reserves and adjacent Aboriginal-managed lands in the far west and north-west of the state.

The strategy is currently at the draft stage and has been developed with a ngapartji-ngapartji (partnership) approach between the landholders and managers in the area.

Joe Stelmann, Regional Fire Officer for the AW NRM region, said the strategy uses a risk-based approach, and combines traditional fire knowledge with contemporary management practices.

“We have looked at all aspects of fire management across 28 million hectares of land, including traditional burning practices and bushfires,” he said.

The project attracted funding through the Native Vegetation Council’s Significant Environmental Benefits scheme and includes an important mapping component.

“A large amount of work went into mapping fire scars that dated back to the 1970s, filling a significant gap in our understanding of the fire history of the area,” said Joe.

“This information provides us better understanding of what fires have occurred in the past, and where fires might be lit in the future to assist with restoring cultural practices and ecological processes.”

Joe says that the strategy recognises and respects Anangu’s relationship to country, including their traditional knowledge of fire and the influence that fire has had on the landscape over the millennia.

“By applying traditional knowledge and contemporary burning practices to modern land management issues, we can achieve great things for biodiversity and the community as well.”

You can view the draft fire management plan and maps online at

Joe Stelmann can be contacted on (08) 8303 9711 or via email

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