Numbers up on shorebird survey

Date posted: 27 March 2013

A shorebird survey completed in February in Lincoln National Park is proof the Hooded Plovers summer 2012/13 breeding season was a great success.

Ranger Nat Staniford said that survey recorded 18 adults and 11 juvenile ‘Hoodies’.

“This result is the first time in recent years that we have encountered so many juveniles," he said.

In February 2013, park rangers based on Lower Eyre Peninsula conducted shorebird surveys along Wanna and Tinah Beaches in Lincoln National Park and Gunyah Beach at Coffin Bay National Park.

“The survey aims to collect data on the different species which use our beaches, how many birds are here at certain times of the year and also how productive the breeding has been,” he added.

“The survey continues on from the ‘Scoping the Shoreline’ program, supported by the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board, which monitored Hoodies and other resident shore bird species found on Eyre Peninsula beaches from 2007 to 2010,” he said.

“Surveys are conducted on a quarterly basis within both Lincoln and Coffin Bay National Parks."

Hooded Plovers are a small resident shorebird rated as a vulnerable species for both South Australia as well as on the Eyre Peninsula. The birds breeding success is highly susceptible to predation from foxes and cats and to human disturbance on beaches.

“Our surveys will be used to monitor the effectiveness of our visitor and pest management activities on park,” he stated.

“Hopefully this year’s breeding success will continue into the future.”

For more information on the surveys or on the Hooded Plover please contact Nat Staniford on (08) 8688 3111.

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