Help sought to identify park ‘trap setter’

Date posted: 20 March 2013

Park rangers in Adelaide’s north have found deliberately-planted traps on trails in Cobbler Creek Recreation Park, near Salisbury East.

District Ranger Janine Kraehenbuehl said the traps had been found partially buried along two unofficial trails built illegally in the park and used by bike riders.

She said the traps had included nails, glass and a length of metal pipe.

“While one of these devices might puncture a bike tyre, it’s far more likely to cause a severe injury to someone simply enjoying a walk through the park. It’s a thoughtless, senseless action,” she said.

Ms Kraehenbuehl said rangers had inspected all trails in the park since the discovery of the traps.

As an added safety measure, the frequency of patrols in the park will also be increased.

“Cobbler Creek Recreation Park is a great leisure-time asset for the community and I’d encourage people to continue visiting the park but at the same time to exercise some caution,” she said.

“In the meantime I’d urge anyone with any information about the setting of these traps to help protect people’s safety by contacting Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or”

While bike riding is currently not permitted in the park, planning is underway for new dual-use trails to cater for both walkers and cyclists.

Construction of the new trails is expected to start in coming months and will include the closure of some unsustainable trails and realignment of others.

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