River Murray Weekly Flow Report

Date posted: 15 March 2013

Report  #11/2013
Issued 10:00am 15 March 2013

This  supersedes  the  previous  flow  report  issued  by  the  Department  of  Environment,  Water  and Natural  Resources  (DEWNR)  on  8  March  2013. The next flow report will be provided on Friday, 22 March 2013.

In  this  report,  for  ease  of  representation,  large  volumes  of  water  are  expressed  in  gigalitres (GL),  while  smaller  volumes  are  expressed  in megalitres (ML). One GL is equal to 1,000 ML.

Water resource update
During  February  2013,  the  total  River  Murray  System  inflow  was  approximately  90  GL,  which  is well  below  the  long‐term  February  average  of around 190  GL. Inflow  to  Menindee  Lakes during  February 2013 was  0 GL  with  the  long‐term  average  for  February  around  125  GL.

The  total  flow  to  South  Australia  during  February  2013  was  approximately  250  GL  (including approximately  50  GL  of  environmental  water), compared with  610  GL  during  February  2012.   The  flow  to  South  Australia  currently  comprises  the  March  Entitlement  Flow  and  water  provided through  the Commonwealth  Environmental  Water  Holder.   The  volume  of  environmental  water being  delivered  during  March  2013  will  be approximately 80  GL.

The  major  Murray‐Darling  Basin  Authority  (MDBA)  controlled  storages  are  holding  around  69 per  cent  capacity.   This  will  support  the  delivery  of large volumes  of  water  for  irrigation  and environmental  purposes  throughout  autumn,  particularly  under  ongoing  dry  conditions.

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