Showcase brings leaders together

Date posted: 14 March 2013

The state’s leaders will meet tomorrow to focus on the next steps South Australians need to take to explore the opportunities and tackle the impacts of climate change.

Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation Ian Hunter will open the South Australian Climate Change Adaptation Showcase at 9am.

Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources Chief Executive Allan Holmes said South Australia had been a leader in this space, being the first Australian state to enact specific climate change legislation.

“This landmark event will bring together representatives from local government, universities and research organisations, regional development bodies, industry, natural resource management boards and state and federal agencies,” Allan said.

“It is very exciting to be able to gather so many community leaders in one room to discuss the latest climate science as it relates to specific sectors, including natural resources, infrastructure, and the social impacts, particularly for our most vulnerable communities.

“We will be hearing the most up-to-date information about the climate drivers in South Australia direct from Bureau of Meteorology Head of Climate Change Darren Ray.”

The one-day program also includes climate science researchers from the state’s three universities, and regional and government representatives who are working to implement climate change adaptation.

“We are especially pleased to welcome secondary science teachers, who are attending the showcase as part of their ongoing professional development,” Allan said.

“They have realised that they need to be aware of the latest in climate science to ensure our future leaders are prepared for the impacts of climate change and are ready to identify the opportunities it will bring.”

The South Australian Climate Change Adaptation Showcase is part of the Climate Change Adaptation Framework for South Australia, which was introduced in August 2012.

The framework is a unique plan that encourages communities to drive climate change adaptation from the local level, working with State Government to investigate vulnerabilities and plan priority actions.

The South Australian Climate Change Adaptation Showcase will be held at the Adelaide Pavilion on South Terrace on Thursday 14 March from 9am.

It is sponsored by the Local Government Association of South Australia, the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Mark Siebentritt & Associates, URPS, Arup and University College London - Australia.

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