New publication released - Innovation for 21st Century Conservation

Date posted: 19 March 2013

A new publication, Innovation for 21st Century Conservation, has been released which provides examples of ways to achieve ecosystem and species conservation through creating new partnerships and models for establishment of protected areas.

Protected areas are recognised worldwide as the most effective means of conserving biodiversity. These areas have traditionally been the responsibility of government; however, the required effort cannot be made by government alone.  The emergence of different governance models for establishing and managing protected areas is a significant policy development internationally in the last 10 years.  This has facilitated the extraordinary growth of private protected areas, new thinking about landscape-scale conservation, and new thinking about how to manage existing protected areas.

The publication was produced by DEWNR and partners Australian Committee for IUCN and The Nature Conservancy based on the presentations made to the Australian Committee for IUCN symposium on “Innovation for 21st Century Conservation” in Adelaide last year.

We hope readers, from decision-makers to students, will be inspired and renew efforts to ensure that the future of Australia’s conservation effort in this critical 21st century sees real innovation for real outcomes. 

Download the document in full or view each chapter on The Nature Conservancy website