Crowds cram into cruise for dolphin day

Date posted: 23 January 2013

A crowd three times bigger than expected has turned out for an educational event held for a dolphin awareness day recently in Port Adelaide.

Along with informative displays the public were treated with cruises along the Port River to observe the local dolphin habitat and population at a safe distance.

Sanctuary Manager Cristina Vicente said the day was successful in raising awareness of the local dolphin population and the adjacent Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary.

“It’s important people understand the dangers faced by the dolphin pods which inhabit waters in close proximity to metropolitan Adelaide.

“Living close to humans exposes many local dolphins to the risk of line entanglement or boat strike; there have also been reports of harassment by people getting too close and people feeding dolphins.

“This behaviour is not only illegal but creates great issues for dolphin health and long term survival,” she said.

The Port River is a popular spot for recreation with many enjoying the water for fishing and boating as well as being a hub of local industry that utilise the harbour.

Cristina said the sanctuary plays a vital role in maintaining a safe haven for the popular mammal.

“With industry and recreation encroaching on the dolphin habitat it’s vital we have a sanctuary so dolphins remain in the Port River for years to come.

“It’s important people do the basic things like take fishing gear home and to respect the space of dolphins,” she said.

Cristina thanked the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group volunteers, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, Maritime Museum and SA Museum for their assistance and contribution to the day. 

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