Lincoln National Park reopens

Date posted: 14 November 2012

Lincoln National Park, near Port Lincoln, has been reopened to visitors.

The park, located 13 kilometres south-west of Port Lincoln, was closed on Sunday (11 November) and Monday (12 November) while a bushfire was managed by SA Country Fire Service volunteers and Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) fire crews.

DEWNR State Fire Coordinator, Mike Wouters, said the park closure was put in place to ensure public safety.

“The bushfire burned the western section of the park, as part of a fire which started south of Tulka on Sunday,” Mr Wouters said.

“Lincoln National Park was closed to ensure no safety risk to park visitors while the bushfire was burning.

“The fire has now been contained by fire crews and no longer poses any threat to park visitors.

“CFS and DEWNR fire crews will continue working in the fire area until it is declared safe.”

For further information or visitor enquiries, telephone (08) 8688 3111.

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