Help count our koalas

Date posted: 08 November 2012

Nature enthusiasts across South Australia are preparing to swing into action to help build a picture of our koala population.

The Great Koala Count, a joint project of ABC Radio, Uni SA, DEWNR, the Adelaide Mt Lofty NRM Board and the CSIRO, takes place on Wednesday 28 November 2012.

Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resource Senior Wildlife Policy Officer Michele Walter said everyone was encouraged to become a ‘citizen scientist’ and take part in the census, with a special invitation issued to schools.

“It’s as simple as going for a walk in your local park or reserve, or even down your street, if you live in an area that often has koalas, and take photos of any koalas you see,” Michele said.

“A smartphone phone app will guide you through taking geo-tagged photos of any koalas you see on the day, prompt you to record what the animal is doing at the time and invite you to share your thoughts about koalas through a survey.

“If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still take part by taking a digital photo and uploading it to the Great Koala Count website.

“We’ll be using the data we collect to get a feel for things like where the koalas are, how many there are and what people think about them.

“While we are analysing the data from the count and survey, we will also be doing face-to-face public consultation at events such as farmers’ markets and speaking to interest groups.

“All of this information will assist us in creating a statewide koala strategy.”

Visit or search for Great Koala Count on Facebook and Youtube for information on how to take part in the census.