Natural resources centres are open for business

Date posted: 24 October 2012

A network of centres to provide South Australians with easy access to support and advice on the management of natural resources is being created around the state.

The natural resources centres will help to connect local communities into their Natural Resources Management Board and DEWNR, and encourage the public to get involved in making decisions about how natural resources in their region are managed.

At a practical level, each centre will offer a comprehensive service to local residents by providing advice and services ranging from land management issues and sustainable primary production to information on native plant and animals, national parks fire management and pest control.

As importantly, natural resources centres will become places where community members, businesses, Traditional Owners and government agencies can meet to discuss natural resource management issues, and to plan local strategies and initiatives.

Ultimately the management of our natural resources and the conservation of native plants and animals are issues for all members of our community.

The opening of these centres will provide a new entry point for the wider community to get involved in decision making in their region and be linked to Government services which can provide them with advice and support.

Natural resource centre websites: